Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 5 Half-Marathon training

This has been my best training week so far.  Not only do I feel myself getting stronger, I'm seeing an improvement in my pace. On Tuesday, I ran with the Running Room Clinic, and Ken, one of the instructors ran with me.  He has suggested that I go back to running 4 and 1s, as that seems to be where I find my best stride right now.  Over the next few weeks I'll work on increasing my running time.  Between the 4 and 1s and Ken's encouragement, I had my second fastest 5k time of the year, and it was a full 3 minutes faster than the last few 5k races that I've done.  I kept using the 4 and 1s for the rest of the week and continued to see gains in my time.

On Sunday my friend Teresa ran with me for my 10k long run. She normally runs at a faster pace than I do, but she stuck with me the whole time, which I really needed!  It started out cool and shady and flat, but around the 5k mark it became hot and sunny and hilly.  Having Teresa there helped me get through it all.  When I felt that I couldn't finish a 4 minute section, she would encourage me to just keep going.  When I couldn't make it up a part of the hill, she came beside me, held my hand and we got up it together.

Image result for running friends

While running can be a solitary sport, for me it is very much improved by the people I run with.
  • Mon - rest day
  • Tues - 5k run
  • Wed - Work dinner out instead of 4k run
  • Thurs - 5k run and Boot Camp instead of 4k run
  • Fri -  rest day
  • Sat - 3k run
  • Sun -10k run
Total: 23k - my most weekly distance so far

76 day to go!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 4 - 1/2 Marathon Training

This week was pretty much a right off.  Instead of running/exercising 5-6 times, I only got in 3. I had planned on missing one run on Tuesday as we were celebrating Liam's birthday.  What I hadn't counted on was not sleeping Tuesday night and feeling like crap all day Wednesday, so I skipped that run too.  I made up one of the runs on Thursday by doubling up by running in the morning and going to the gym in the evening. But then I had self-induced intestinal issues Friday and Saturday night that kept me from running Sat/Sun.  One day I will remember/accept that I am lactose intolerant and eat accordingly. Though to be fair, this was the worst reaction I have ever had.  I'm not too worried about losing this week of training as it's still early on and I have time to catch up.

  • Mon - Boot Camp instead of rest day
  • Tues - Birthday Celebration instead of 3k run
  • Wed - Not feeling well instead of 4k run
  • Thurs - 3k run and Boot Camp instead of 4k run
  • Fri -  rest day
  • Sat - Not feeling well instead of  4k run
  • Sun -Not feeling well instead of 9k run
Total: 3k - WAY down from last week

83 days to go.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 3 - Half Marathon Training

This is the first week that I made it out to all 3 clinic runs at the Running Room.  The instructors are great and very encouraging.  I had reservations of joining a running group for the half-marathon training as I knew that my pace would be slower then everyone else's.  I may be the slowest, but everyone is so encouraging!  The instructors often double back to run with me after spending time with the faster runners up ahead. I'm picking up tips on stride, form and breathing and as a result my running has improved already, after just 3 weeks.
  • Mon - Boot Camp instead of rest day
  • Tues - 3k run
  • Wed - 4k run
  • Thurs - Boot Camp instead of 4k run
  • Fri -  rest day
  • Sat - rest day instead of 4k
  • Sun - 9k run
Total distance - 18k.

91 days to go

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 2 - Half Training

It's only week 2 of training and I've already missed a run. But since I am adding a boot camp each week on a rest day, I figure it will all work out in the end.

  • Mon - Boot Camp instead of rest day
  • Tues - 4k run
  • Wed - rest day instead of 3k run
  • Thurs - Boot Camp instead of 4k run
  • Fri -  rest day
  • Sat - 10k race instead of 3k
  • Sun - 5k race instead of 7k run
Total distance - 19km, slightly down from last week.

The added bonus of running so often, is that I get to do some of the virtual races that I've signed up for, like the "Global Running Day 5k" that Jody and I did together yesterday.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Epic Canada 10k

Today I ran a 10k race for Canada's 150th birthday.  And this one went really well....other than the rain.  So. Much. Rain!

I loved that this race was close, just over in Dartmouth, so even though it started at 8:00, I didn't have to get up hideously early in order to get there. I met up with some friends and we had time to hang out before the start.  Luckily it wasn't raining then, just cool and overcast - perfect running weather as far as I'm concerned.

The first 2k started off flat or slightly downhill.  KM 3 was uphill and after that there were some small rolling hills, but nothing to steep. This course was a combination of road and crushed gravel trail though Shubie park.

The rain started off with  light mist, which was actually nice and refreshing.  By KM 5 though it had changed to torrential downpour. I had water dripping off everywhere and I don't think my shoes will dry out till next week.  I had dyed my hair red for the run, and ended the day with a pink hat and dye dripping down the side of my face, which luckily you could only see up close.

I finished with a chip time of 01:49:47 a full 47 seconds faster than I ran at the Bluenose.  The best part was that I felt great!  I ran more than I walked and I didn't have an asthma attack at the finish line!  It was nice to finish a race and not end up in the first aid tent.  This was also the first time I tried Gu, a running fuel, half way through the race.  It not only tasted great - like a thick caramel sauce - I really felt that it perked me up and gave me a boost for the second half of the race.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Week 1 Training - Valley Half

I have officially started training for my next half-marathon, the Valley Harvest Half held Thanksgiving weekend in Wolfville.

This will be my 3rd half marathon, and I decided to take a more structured training approach this time around.  So to help me with that I signed up for a half-marathon training clinic through The Running Room. It is a 15 week program that includes 3 runs a week with the group and 2 runs on your own.  I am trading in most of the runs on my own for cross training at the gym as I know that I need to focus as much on cross training as I do on running if I want to stay injury free.

The first week starts you off nice and easy:

  • Mon - Boot Camp instead of rest day
  • Tues - 3k run
  • Wed - 4k run
  • Thurs - Boot Camp instead of 3k run
  • Fri - Rest day
  • Sat - 3k run
  • Sun - 10k race instead of 7k run

So in total I ran 20k in the first week, the most mileage I've done since April.

Other than the crappy 10k Race on Sunday, I'm feeling great!  My knee isn't bothering me and I'm starting to feel stronger overall from the boot camp exercises.

103 days to go!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

MEC race 3

Hot.  Hilly.  Humid.  Hell.

This was my third 10k race and was almost the race that made me think that running isn't for me.  Now that I'm home, had a shower and continuing to hydrate with ALL the water, I am willing to run again.... just maybe not in the heat.

The best part of this race was FRIENDS.  

I go into every race with 3 goals - 1: Don't die, 2: Finish 3: Have fun.  I did not have fun, I did finish, and once again I felt that I just might die.

The race didn't start till 9:30 and it was already +26°C.  The course was along the beautiful Salt Marsh Trails. However there was no shade and barely any breeze.  But there were HILLS.  All the hills.

I tried my best in the beginning and managed to run/walk the first 5k. At the turn around, I dumped a lot of water on my head in an attempt to cool down.  I drank all the water.  And then I walked.  I walked the last 5ks- Up the hills, Down the hills, In the heat.  So. Much. Heat.

I crossed the finish line with a time of 02:05:34- last again, but I thought to myself "at least I didn't die"

I walked over to my friends who were cheering me on, got some water and BAM! I couldn't breath.  Luckily I was talking to Melissa at that time and she quickly got me to the first aid tent, helped me get my asthma inhaler out of my pouch and told the First Aider's what was going on. I used the puffer, walked slowly around in the shade (with the First Aider following me to make sure I didn't keel over) and eventually my breathing improved.  

I gave Jody the car keys (driving didn't seem like a good idea) and we headed out for brunch.  While my breathing was better, my temperature was still high and I struggled through breakfast, vacillating between nausea and being lightheaded.  Jeanette went to the bathroom with me to make sure I didn't pass out and helped cool me down with we paper towel on my neck.  

This is why friends are the best part of any race.